Seedlings and Flowers in January

Late January can feel like someone hit the pause button, as if the earth is holding its breath, waiting for the next season to arrive.  We haven’t had much snow, it’s been cold but not that cold, and we’re sort of ready for spring but it’s still months away. Even if you’re not stuck inside by a snowstorm, you can start to get cabin fever. To counteract that trapped feeling, we spend a lot of time planting seeds, looking at new seedlings that are germinating in the greenhouse, and tending the rapidly expanding collection of house plants here.

Every day something new pokes its head up out of the seed flat. This week we’ve seen Linum lewisii (Blue Flax), Menodora scabra (a pretty broom-like native), and Stanleya pinnata (Prince’s Plume) germinate.  We use clear domes to help keep the temperature warmer for better germination. You have to be careful with the domes once the seeds come up because then they need air circulation or they can succumb to damping off disease. Also, it’s easy to cook a young seedling if you forget to take the dome off in the daytime and the sun is strong.

Seedlings are exciting, filled with promises, but sometimes you need more than a promise….

Having flowers blooming inside in winter is one of the best things you can do for your spirit. Here are a few that are blooming right now:

Pelargonium ‘Seersucker’

Pelargonium ‘Prince Rupert’





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