February at the Nursery

In the little solar greenhouse, we’ve already started perennials that we grow from seed. Perennials take a lot longer to get to a planting out stage than most annuals. We won’t start our annual herb and vegetable crops until March.

When it’s too snowy to go outside I’m very grateful for houseplants. Now that the days are longer (an hour longer than they were at the December solstice) I can see some new growth on the scented geraniums. Scented geraniums are really in the genus Pelargonium, and the British call them Smelly Pellies. I kind of love that name, but I’m not sure it’s catching on in Colorado.

Scented geraniums and other fragrant herbs have a huge effect on our brains. They can alleviate depression, relieve stress, and scientists are confirming what Shakespeare knew over 500 years ago: rosemary helps with memory! If you’re worried about Alzheimer’s or dementia, check this out–Rosemary and Memory

This rosemary plant is three years old. It spends the summer outside, and in September comes in for the winter.


One of my favorite smelly pellies is Prince Rupert, a variegated lemon geranium with tiny leaves. It’s not the fastest to fill out a pot, but the scent is amazing. We try to have enough of these for our customers, but usually sell out early. This year I think we should have a good supply.  Here’s a picture of Prince Rupert, in need of repotting. We’ll take cuttings from these plants soon.





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Extreme Pruning!

If you’ve ever regretted where you planted a tree, or lamented a poor harvest, this presentation might be of benefit to you–on Thursday, January 14, 2016,  1:00 p.m., we will be at the La Veta library to talk about a revolutionary way to plant and grow fruit trees.

This talk is based on the book Grow a Little Fruit Tree, by Ann Ralph. Diana will bring an apple tree to demonstrate some of the pruning techniques that make this a way for almost anyone, in any size yard, to grow one or more fruit trees with less trouble and more fruit harvest than any other method.

There will be time for discussion and questions after the talk. For more information, please email us at perennialfavorites@ghvalley.net.

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