Last Weekend in June

We saw a hummingbird nest in the boxelder tree today.  You can see the beak of one baby, and the tail of the other.IMG_6131We have raspberry plants with ripe berries on them in the nursery, and they’re very appealing to another type of baby–baby humans! I didn’t get a picture of her eating them, but she picked every ripe one on Sunday. We were happy to share, and more ripen every day.pod and xander IMG_6141The baby phoebes are getting bigger and soon they’ll fledge. They grow up so fast. IMG_6142If your garden looks a little drab in July, think about planting some of these mid-summer stars: Gaillardia, Echinacea, Daylilies, Yarrow, and of course the almost-always-blooming Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low.’  Here are some that are blooming today in the nursery.

IMG_6145 IMG_6146 IMG_6149 IMG_6151The Kniphofias look really good with daylilies, echoing or complimenting their colors and contrasting with their form. Kniphofias (AKA Red Hot Pokers) and daylilies are at their peak in July.

We’re open this weekend, June 26-29, and then closed in July. We’ll reopen in August with new plants and fall favorites!




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Before I show you any pictures, let me remind you–we’ve gone from a wet, cool spring into hot summer! Don’t forget to water your newly planted flowers, trees, and shrubs.  That’s all with the lecture, now for blooms, bees, and birds:

Tanacetum niveum SNOW DAISY

Tanacetum niveum SNOW DAISY

Penstemon 'Rondo'

Penstemon ‘Rondo’

Knautia macedonica

Knautia macedonica

Achillea 'Pomegranate'

Achillea ‘Pomegranate’

Bumble bee and Nepeta 'Walker's Low.'

Bumble bee and Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low.’

Black-chinned hummer on Nepeta 'Walker's Low.'

Black-chinned hummer on Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low.’

One more thing, when you’re planting for the bees and butterflies, don’t sabotage your efforts by spraying toxic chemicals on your flowers.  We never use pesticides on our plants in the garden. The plants in the nursery are grown with pollinators in mind! No neonics! For more information on how to grow bee friendly plants, check out our friends at their organic farm in Canon City:  Desert Canyon Farm

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