New Crevice Garden at the Denver Botanic Gardens

The plant sale went well this past weekend. We got to see lots of familiar faces, and catch up with old friends. We met new people, too, and meeting obsessed gardeners is always fun. On Saturday we took a couple hours off to walk around the gardens. ¬†Usually DBG is filled with tulips and daffodils and crab apple trees in bloom. Some varieties of lilacs bloom there in late April. Not this year. Because there wasn’t a lot blooming we noticed the bare branches of the trees, the interesting shapes of the shrubs. It was truly beautiful. The best part of the garden was the Rock Alpine Garden, especially the new crevice garden. It’s filled with native plants and super hardy high elevation alpines. I want to plant a crevice garden this year, and this was inspiring.

DBG crevice garden

The blue, blooming near the bottom, is a veronica. A little higher were some very pretty native phlox. ¬†Despite the snow and cold last week this garden looked fresh and colorful. It’s only been planted a short time, but it’s filled with plants that will continue to grow and fill in the crevices for many years to come.

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