March, Already!

Plants are blooming in the cold frames, seedlings are up and ready to be transplanted, and every day we have something new to enjoy. Hellebores, also called Lenten Rose, are one of the first perennials to bloom in the spring. They like shade and don’t mind our clay soil. It takes them a while to get established, but they are very long-lived, and deer don’t eat them! The ones in the garden aren’t blooming yet, but the ones in the unheated cold frame are a couple of weeks ahead of them. Here’s a picture of them from a few days ago.

We planted pea seeds in the greenhouse a month ago and the pea shoots are ready to cut for stir fry or to eat fresh on a sandwich or in a salad. The little leafy stems taste just like peas! Very tasty and you can cut them for a couple of months and they will still produce peas later in the year.  If you have a greenhouse or sun room, and like snap peas, you should try this! It’s only four weeks from seed to table!

Thinking about things to do indoors reminds me that it is time to cut back any house plants that have gotten leggy. This is a good time to repot them, too, as most will start a spurt of growth this time of year.  I always bring in my favorite geraniums (pelargoniums) for winter flowers and to take cuttings in the spring. At the moment there are five different varieties blooming, including Neon Tango.

Do you have spring fever? It’s almost impossible to avoid it when the weather is this warm. I’m going to plant some lettuce seeds outside this week–it’s early for Rye, but if the weather continues its crazy pattern, we could be eating fresh salads from the garden later this month!



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