Syringa reticulata pekinensis CHINESE TREE LILAC

I love lilacs, but in our microclimate the blooms are often lost to a spring frost. When I read about the Peking Lilac, AKA Chinese tree lilac, and its June blooming period, I had to try them.  We grew them and sold them, but never actually planted one here….and that was a mistake! Our longtime friend and former employee, Deb Veeder, planted it in her garden in Pueblo, and when I saw it blooming last June I knew I had to have one. Deb and her husband Dave have planted their entire front yard to drought tolerant plants. It’s gorgeous! Here are a few pictures from last summer. I was there toward the end of the bloom time, so quite a few flowers had started to fade. It was still an impressive sight!

Our good friend Donna Allenbaugh also has this lilac in her garden in Walsenburg. She took a picture last June and shared it with me.

The tree lilac has incredibly fragrant blooms, and really, why grow a lilac if it doesn’t have a good scent?

It’s tolerant of our alkaline soil, cold hardy to Zone 3, blooms late in spring, is drought tolerant once established, and overall a great small tree for our area. We’re happy to have it in the nursery again.


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