July Projects

While we’re closed this month we’re working on maintenance projects, and getting a chance to work in the gardens here. We’re transplanting, too, and in between the work we’re watching quite a few birds start another round of nest building.

Robin nesting in a hanging basket. She smashed the fuchsia, but that’s okay.

This greenhouse is where all of our seedlings are started before moving out to the other hoophouses. It’s needed rebuilding for quite a while. We first put it up in 1986.

I was pulling weeds out of the garden when I found this nest. Towhees build close to the ground. I carefully piled the weeds back up to hide it from predators.

This clematis has received a lot of attention from customers in the past couple of weeks. We didn’t have any for sale, but by the time reopen in August we should have three varieties of clematis ready!

I hope you all have a good July, with time for relaxing in your garden and enjoying the summer.

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